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     Gift box, Color box, Hardcover boxfull telescopeCosmetics packaging boxColor card, Picture album, Paper handbag , manual, etc.


        Optional materials: double copper paper, kraft paper, gold and silver card, decorative paper, single powder card, special packaging paper, hardcover 1200 g, 1500 g gray card paper, special paper or single-sided gray card, single powder card mounted a pit, B pit, C pit, f pit, w pit corrugated paper, Leather, fur,etc.


        Process: printing, surface treatment, glossy or matte film, oil polishing, silver stamping, gilding, embossing, big impression, local UV, embossing, pit mounting, automatic machine mounting, etc.


        Production cycle: the production period of normal packaging color box is about 7-15 days, specifically communicate with the sales personnel for confirmation when placing the order.


        Technical strength: the company has advanced machinery and equipment in the industry: one five-color printing machine, one Xiaosen four-color printing machine, automatic paper mounting machine, automatic beer machine, surface treatment and other advanced machinery and equipment, and has a number of mature printing and production management personnel with rich experience in the industry who strictly grasp the quality.


        Shenzhen Liangshengda Packaging Co., Ltd. is a group company which specializes in providing customers with the overall packaging scheme, integrating design, research and development, production of supporting packaging materials. The company has a number of business divisions and division factories, aiming to build a professional packaging integration and service integration industrial company. The company's main business covers: Cartons, Gift box, Color box, Hardcover boxfull telescopeCosmetics packaging boxColor card, Picture album, Paper handbag , manual, and other packaging products.


        The company has first-class modern production equipment, professional management team, widely used domestic and foreign high-quality raw materials, to ensure product quality, and constantly launched to meet customer requirements of exquisite packaging products. Our products are widely used in electronics, automobile, lighting, hardware, clothing, furniture, toys and other industries at home and abroad.


        The company always adheres to the service tenet of "striving for perfection and honesty", and constantly provides customers with high-quality products based on the quality policy of "full participation and pursuit of excellence", striving to stand out in the fierce competition environment and make self-made contributions to the realization of a rich and convenient society.



    Shenzhen Liangshengda Packaging Co., Ltd

    Sales: Henry He

    Tel(WeChat): +86 13682512323

    Fax: 0755-23225827


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    Email: henrylsd@foxmail.com

    Website: www.0470jg.com



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